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We are a professional company specializing in Handyman and Painting services. Our handymen and painters are well trained and work towards all safety requirements for both residential, rental and commercial properties.

We are located in Edmonton, Alberta and we are your go to company for quick turnover, suites or property upgrades for your home or your rental properties.

We are fast , reliable ,on call 24/7 for emergency repairs, fixing and painting of your properties. We take great pride on our work. We provide you with quality services and we can help you save money.
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We are available 24/7 for Residential, Rental and Commercial Properties.  Fixing or Painting your home for sale or rental property for rent not only refreshes the property but also boost its value.

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Javed Mungur
24/7 Property Pros Ceo
"Painting & Maintenance is our passion - Making people happy is our mission."
- Javed Mungur

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